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Ongoing student projects

  • Marcelina Rola, “Investigating microbial diversity associated with Atlantic soft and hard corals in the context of marine restoration”, University of Vienna, CCMAR
  • Christian Pruckner, “Microbial key players in deep-sea coral restoration”, University of Vienna & Natural History Museum Vienna
  • Christina Egger, “Comparative reproductive ecology and early ontology of coral garden forming gorgonians in the western Atlantic”, Center of Marine Sciences
  • Alexander Knorrn, “Investigating the biodiversity of mauritanian marine forests”, Senckenberg
  • Viktória Balogh, “Redistribution of cold-water coral biodiversity under global climate change scenarios”, Center of Marine Sciences
  • Sofie Peeters, “Microbiome communities of European foundation species”, University of Ghent
  • Asier Indart Ibargutxi, “Thermal plasticity across life stages of kelps”, Center of Marine Sciences
  • David Milla-Figueras, “Marine forests in remote islands: Patterns, Connectivity, Functions and Conservation”, University of Açores
  • Khaoula Khaya, “Diversity and ecological restoration of Fucoid forests at the Moroccan Atlantic coast”, University of CHouaib Doukkali


Talk by Prof. Dr. Gerard Muyzer, University of Amsterdam, on the seagrass microbiome


This video was used in the multimedia room, Deck50, at the Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria, to stimulate public engagement with the restoration work done by RESTORESEAS.

A ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) collecting Desmophyllum pertusum at Kosterfjorden-Väderöfjordens Natura 2000 in Sweden.

Coral larvae from the coral species Paramuricea grayi.


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