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We are always looking for people interested in internships, and for students who want to develop their thesis with us. If this is you, please contact the partner you would like to work with. You can find our list of partners here: https://www.restoreseas.net/project-partners/



The Natural Museum of Vienna offers 2-hour interactive workshops on marine forests through our marine restoration e-bike “Jeanne”! The workshops are done outdoors in a previously agreed on park in Vienna, Austria. Available for school classes and events! If you want more information or if you already want to book a session for Spring, please contact us at

Learn more about our e-bike here!



RESTORESEAS will promote ecological restoration tools that incorporate participation of local communities in their elaboration processes, execution and monitoring program, improving environmental education and sensibilisation, while mitigating degradation and restoring marine forest goods and services.

EU collaborations with West Africa and Brazil raise capacitation and outreach from all sides, and allow access to rich and uniquely distinct marine forests and genetic resources. We will bring high scientific training value given extensive mutual sharing of expertise and of graduate students co-supervised by multi-partner teams. RESTORESEAS will create novel networking collaborative links that are expected to continue long-term mutual benefits for partners and students.

Citizen science

With RESTORESEAS we aim to integrate local communities in participatory management and restoration of marine forests that are undergoing disturbance. We believe that restoration can only be successful by working together with local stakeholders and integrating their knowledge and will to participate.

RESTORESEAS will use instruments that reinforce community-based ecological restoration in the restoration of complexity and critical functional aspects through the reintroduction and recruitment induction of marine canopy-forming species. One primary tool will be an annual summer school by partners running restoration activities, including practical demonstrations by our RESTORESEAS partners online. Annual schools will bring together members of all teams with local stakeholders, young scientists, and students outside the project to general critical mass for restoration initiatives and will ensure capacity building and the sharing of benefits created by the project.

Please regularly visit our website for further information on how to participate!

Relevance for policy and society

The scientific added value of the partnership building between distinct excellent and complementary teams is expected to last in the long-term, continuing ecosystem improvement and public education. The societal/policy added value builds on the support and direct integration in the work of external civil, professional, political, and technical organizations with relevance for the target areas and goals. High added value arises from direct involvement of citizens and fishermen in conservation and restoration.

The broad scale modeling and mapping of key marine forest sites of the Atlantic, and the nature-based solutions for restoring marine degraded areas by reversing land degradation on the sea bottom, will inform concrete policy plans with local, regional and global impact towards the achievement of the global Aichi targets, the Paris Agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goals and will match the targets of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

If you are a stakeholder potentially interested in our work, please reach out to us!

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There are currently no open positions. Please check back at a later point in time!

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